how to control what you dream about

Train Yourself to Control Your Dreams

Before you learn how to control what you dream about, first you need to understand what exactly a lucid dream is. In its simplest form, a lucid dream can be defined as the dream in which the dreamer (person) has full awareness of his/her dream. Additionally, the person can exercise some level of control over the dream.
Next question that people might think of is – “what is the best technique of inducing lucid dream”? There are various strategies which, if applied, can help you enter into a state of lucid dreaming. To cut to the chase, the highest probability is via the REM (rapid eye movement) route. In this stage, your dreams are extremely vivid and there is a greater chance for you to experience lucidity.

Binaural Beats

This technique is beneficial for those of you who are looking forward to a relatively easier path to achieve your goal. Binaural beats, as the name suggests, is music – it is instrumental with a specially toned voice that helps you enter into a theta state. This happens in a frequency range of 4 – 7 hertz.
They secret to induce lucid dreaming is that you go through the delta state (frequency range of less than 4 hertz). Then you enter theta state and maintain yourself in that zone. The trick is to confuse your subconscious to believe that you are still sleeping. At this stage, your subconscious mind will be fully active whereas your conscious mind will be fast asleep, thereby giving you full control over your dreams.

Controlling Your Lucid Dream

This is an art that only a few are able to understand and practice it on a daily basis. They can experience any dream they choose to while sleeping and can control the direction in which to take their dream. Every person is unique and they find the methods that best suit their comfort level.
If you are one of the few who is serious about lucid dreaming, then I suggest you to learn how to lucid dream instantly tonight. Explore the Lucid Academy course. It is a detailed program that will take you step-by-step and tell you all about this subject.

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